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Misery Shared

Summary: You know, there is a saying where I come from, 'misery shared is misery halved'
Genres: Humor


A Bit of Home

Rating: PG (Just to be safe)

Possible Spoilers/Warnings: Spare Oom, post LWW; Gen.

Summary: Edmund has a surprise for his sister.



Since the three elder Pevensie children had returned on holiday, the household had been holding its collective breathCollapse )AN: This was my submission for the Narnia fic exchange; my first one! You should know two other potential plots fell half-written to the wayside in pursuit of my prompt. One turned into a shouting match and the other kept throwing bunnies at me while it wriggled around, refusing to be written. Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year!

Yes, this is a little late, but my computer refuses to link with the internet at home. This post is courtesy of my local coffee shop and a gift card from my Dad.

2010 was a pretty good year for me; not only did I (barely) get to keep my ‘seasonal’ job last Christmas, but they promoted me! I am now a key-carrier at my place of employ. Also, I achieved two of my resolutions/goals: I got a car & am about 20 lbs lighter than I was last year (chasing down your 3yr old nephew will do that).

This year the quest for fitness continues! One of the gals at work has invited me to join her belly-dancing troupe. I am really excited about this. It has been YEARS since I have done anything choreographed and this is my first foray into belly-dancing.


There are also plans for me to move upstate, about 10 hrs upstate, in early summer. This has been an idea of mine for a few years and, due to lots of crap that happened all at once, I nearly left town and headed up there with no planning and for all the wrong reasons in the spring. It’s funny, if I had gone ahead and run-away, I would have missed all the good bits that happened after. This is going to be a controlled exodus with extensive planning. I already have several friends in the area who have offered


Now, about that manuscript. . . When I set that goal, I had a specific story in mind. This year I am broadening my scope to ANY story; one in particular has a general outline and a couple of chapters already in the bank.



So recap:

1. Get fit & increase flexibility.

2. Move

3. Complete a first draft for ANY story.


Habby Tanksgibing

I'm sick.  When we went to my Dad's for Thanksgiving I promptly curled up and went to sleep, quarantined in the other room. Hope I am better by tomorrow; I have work!


LMAO!!! BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!

If you like or have seen either Scott Pilgrim VS The World or Avatar: The Last Airbender You need to see this!

Waiting for the Other Shoe . . .

For the most part, things are not going so well right now. One of my Grandfathers past away last weekend and another is in the hospital with a Stroke.

Read more...Collapse )

They say bad things happen in threes, I have seen it to be true. Please keep my family in your prayers.



Ahh, Movies, How I Love Thee!

I have recently discovered the joy that is 75 cent Tuesday at the 'Dollar Theater'  here in town. It is a great way to catch movies before they go into pre-dvd release hibernation. Yes, buying popcorn and a soda will set you back ten bucks but, considering how much it costs to get in, it is not that big of a deal.

Last week, I saw The Sorcerer's Apprentice and instantly the gears started turning on how to pull off a Harry Dresden TSA crossover. There was no way I could resist; they dress alike for crying out loud! If you are thinking about seeing this, just be aware of the cheese. I thought it was great, cheesy, but great.  When I took my three year old nephew to see it later in the week, he spent the REST OF THE DAY telling anyone and everyone how much he liked the guy in red (which is David, the main character, btw) when he made the power go WHOOSH! If I wasn't already related to that kid, I would wonder if  was related.

Note: If anyone followed me here from ff.net, I have not forgotten about my Alice 2009 fic On the Other Side . . . I just have writer's block. Yes, a tragedy, especially considering the wonderful prompts I got from catesyRosebud5, but we all know it happens.


RL is fun

 I went to my local Target to pick up Supernatural Season 5. Turns out, not only was my store out, but so was every store within a hour & half drive! That was both exciting and horrible news; finally The Boys get the recognition they deserve, but I don't get to enjoy it.

Deciding failure was not an option (and armed with a rain-check, you know, just in case) I tromped across the street to where Wal-Mart and Best Buy sat side by side. Wal-Mart was a complete strike out and Best Buy was at first glance, more of the same; however, there were a few copies in the shows home location . . . and they came with an Impala keychain!

My poor baby sis has only seen the first half & refuses to watch things out of order (with SPN that makes sense). The only problem with loaning them to her is she lives 4 hours away. Our cousin is comming down for a visit this weekend & could deffinatly act as our courier, but still leaves the dilemma of friday's ep (yes, I am a little ticked about that).

WTF!!! Seriously?!?!?!?!

There i was, just trolling through the 'net when I found this:


I had no idea . . .

So here is my SMVA2010 Nominated story: Never Forgotten

Disclaimer: Not mine.

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AN: Post SR, but inspired by "The Man Who Has Everything" from JLU. I totally love/hate that episode. Gah! It gets me every time. I've always thought that Jason's Kryptonian name should be Kon-El (aka: Superboy) why not, right? Then today, I misread a summery and was inspired to write this . . . thing.


Summary: Everyone in this business has a story. This is the tale of No-One-In-Particular.

Supernatural is not mine, more's the pitty.

Like something from a story, you are saved in the nick of time from a creature of darkness; some un-named horror that had stolen you in the dead of night. Read more...Collapse )